Long Term Care Pharmacy


Spanaway Pharmacy provides pharmacy services to residents living in Long Term care and assisted living facilities. Unlike other pharmacies, assisting residents living in these skilled nursing homes is what we actively pursue and focus in addition to serving regular pharmacy walk-in customers.

We understand the unique needs of residents living in these facilities and challenges faced by facility owners who run them and we are willing to show what we can offer. We have facility owners who moved to us and who are thoroughly satisfied. We are well acquainted with the unique packing needs of clients and have a great staff who can tackle challenges efficiently without interrupting patient care. We currently cater packing medication from 14 days to 28 days at a time and work around different patient needs. We actively do pharmacy consultation facilities to residents to get the best therapeutic outcome.

If you are having challenges in getting timely prescriptions of your current residents or just want to see how we can do better than the pharmacy you currently use, please talk to Alicia or Veenu and see what we have to offer