Specialty Packaging


Taking medications by you or your loved ones can sometimes be confusing if multiple medications have been prescribed and need to be taken at different times. We at Spanaway Pharmacy can blister pack medications conveniently for you so that they can be taken regularly, safely and as scheduled. We can split your medications to be taken Morning, Noon, Evening, and Bedtime. We can also pack single medications so that you can keep better track of taking your medication. So talk to us to see if specialty packing can help with you taking your medications regularly and at the correct time for the best health benefit

Automatic Refills/Messaging

Why not streamline your orders for one pick up? Based on your insurance we can work to get your orders all together for one pick up. Ask us to enroll you in the auto-refill program and we will fill your medication before you run out and send you a message that your order is ready for pick up. If a medication is out of refills we will contact your prescribers’ office to renew the prescription.

You can also send in your refill request directly to the pharmacy via our mobile app, phone, or website. As always, we are always there to directly talk to you and get an in-person assistance.